Taste of Tamarac

October 12th, 2019

Taste of Tamarac Annual Event Celebration

Mark your calendar for The Tamarac Chamber of Commerce’s 14th annual Taste of Tamarac event 2017 to be held in October. The event would be an ideal community-led event which would be a pleasurable time spent with your family members.


This annual business event is a signature event which will take place on 14 October between 11:30 am to 3 pm. The event is a come together for every business owner to come and exhibit their expertise in Tamarac. The event is a huge opportunity to promote your business in and around Tamarac. The advertisement will be distributed in 10 cities thus giving you exposure to a huge audience.


The occasion is a perfect opportunity for different restaurants of any size and status to come together. Moreover, the event also provides a golden chance for different sponsors to recognize their customer base and use it further. Imagine, you get to meet people from different ages, races, financial status and can find potential customers.


The Taste of Tamarac can help the businesses in branding with the public awareness. The event would also offer the participants a great opportunity to get involved with our Chef’s Corner. How about learning a dish or two? All the food lovers can enjoy this heaven where all the food items would be displayed to cherish your taste buds. Live cooking demo can make it easier for you to learn that exotic dish you have been wanting to since long in the easiest manner.


Moreover, the event is a perfect outlet where all your family members can have the best of their time. Kid’s corner has been developed specially to give a mesmerizing time to our tiny tots while their parents explore different food places. The day would be a perfect way of spending some quality time with your loved ones.


Coming back to businesses, The Taste of Tamarac even would be an ideal place for restaurants as well as non food businesses to come under one roof and get promoted on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are different sponsorship programs for ads in the magazine, your company’s logo on print ads, promotional material, as well as inclusion in press material and social media. So there are affordable programs for everyone as per one’s requirements and pocket.


So, come forward and take full advantage of the Taste of Tamarac event and see your business grow manifold.

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City of Tamarac

chef mika

Chef Shermika Lyons "Chef Mika"

Chef Shermika Lyons known to all her students as "Chef Mika" is a native Floridian from Miami. Chef Mika enjoys cooking and teaching so much that she left behind a career in law to pursue her love and passion for cooking. Chef Mika graduated from the International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a Bachelor Degree in Culinary Management. She enjoys preparing all types of cuisines from Floribbean to European, and invites her students to discover their “inner chef” when cooking and baking any delicious creation. Chef Mika is a certified Chef with the American Culinary Federation and is the newly elected President of the Broward Chapter of the organization. Chef Mika has been teaching at ARC Broward Learning Institute for the past 2 year and is the Lead Chef Instructor, she truly enjoys teaching culinary theories and concepts to her students in addition to preparing them to enter the culinary workforce via ARC Broward Learning Institute’s 16 week entry level Culinary Arts program. Chef Mika is a resident Chef in First Lady Michelle Obama’s Chefs move to schools healthy eating initiative and travels to many elementary schools in Broward County creating healthy eating presentations for school-age children, she especially loves making appearances at her daughter’s elementary school. In her spare time Chef Mika is also the owner and executive chef of Chef Mika’s, LLC; a full service catering company (www.chefmika.com). She was recently featured in “Go Riverwalk Magazine” as One of Fort Lauderdale’s Top Favorite Female Chefs!!


chef jones

Chef Michelle Jones "Chef Jones"

Chef Michelle Jones "Chef Jones" of City of Tamarac, Youth Recreation Cooking Program and Here's Help, Inc., Culinary Arts Program. Chef Jones has been involved in the culinary world for the past 20 years. She has always had a creative and imaginary side and decided to pursue a degree in Interior Design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. After receiving a degree in Interior Design, she decided to switch majors and pursue her passion for food with acquiring a Bachelors Degree in Culinary Arts & Management.This is where her love for food expresses itself through tasteful creations in the kitchen and through her imaginative dishes from varied cuisines.

Chef Jones has always had a heart for others and loves to give back to her community. She has made it one of her main priorities to support healthy eating habits catering especially to the younger generation. She supports Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" program, which is "America's Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids" and has been working with the Mayors of different South Florida cities for several years implementing a similar program called "Let's Jump".

She is constantly creating fun, healthy, easy recipes that she shares and teaches through summer camp cooking classes, as well as evening classes in the surrounding cities for young people so that they can enjoy a healthier and more productive lifestyle. Her addiction to this cause has led her to acquire sponsorship from some of the biggest companies in South Florida like the Jamaican food giant Grace Kennedy and the Spanish-American spice giant Badia.