Taste of Tamarac

October 12th, 2019

Sponsor and benefit from the Taste of Tamarac 2015

What is the Taste of Tamarac 2015 about?
This year will mark the 12th anniversary and celebration of the community-led, based and orientated event known simply as the Taste of Tamarac. This fair is an opportunity for local businesses and entrepreneurs to exhibit their wares to, as well as directly interact with, members of the general public and other like-minded enterprises.

In partnership with the Greater Tamarac Chamber of Commerce, you will enjoy the early days of the “orange and black” October feeling in fine company, savoring scrumptious treats and reveling in surreal surroundings. Whether you are hoping to be an exhibitor or are only interested to know more about what Tamarac has to offer, you won’t be disappointed.

What to expect at the event
With each year, the stalls, services and sponsors have out-done themselves in an attempt to reach more and more people and places. The opportunities Taste of Tamarac offers to businesses and emerging enterprises, is on par with the sensory spectacle visitors are immersed in.

Families are the main drawing point of the event; with interactive games in the designated Kid’s Corner offering young ones everything from dancing contests to trivia games, face-painting, costume contests and numerous other fun-filled games and activities, all in a friendly, safe environment.

For the adults, there are innumerable draws and delights. From tempting treats offered by over 30 National name brand to local food businesses like Applebee’s, Sonic Beach, Golden Krust, Tijuanna Flats and local food businesses such as Milano’s Bakery,  Saxsay, and Tamarac Golf Clubs; you will, without a doubt, find a stand and sample that caters to your individual palate’s preference.

If you are more financially inclined, whether that is as an exhibitor or just a conscientious, economically savvy observer, Taste of Tamarac 2015 will not disappoint. Stalls and exhibits will range from prominent and reputable banking advisors, to professional representatives of numerous medical sectors, to certified real-estate moguls and respected wellness practitioners offering comprehensive, holistic treatment.

Why it’s imperative to get involved
Whether you are a potential vendor or visitor, it would really be in best interest to get involved with the Taste of Tamarac this year. If previous years are any indication, the opportunities to both know and experience are as numerous and rewarding as the ability to reach and connect with other, diverse minds and ideas.

Members of the public are exposed to and immersed in all the comprehensive services on offer, within their very own community, that also cater to their unique needs and wants, in the most affordable and professional manner possible. Be it realizing furniture dreams, or pet culinary peeves, even medical and financial management needs are met at the Taste of Tamarac.

For establishments wishing to reach a broader and perhaps a more specialized clientele, there is no better platform to display all that their firms have on offer. In the hours the fair inhabits, thousands of eager visitors will partake and interact. As the memories gathered from last year’s event show, around five-dozen food vendors, non-governmental organizations and even the City of Tamarac had stalls and stands on display. Needless to say, the opportunity to network with other complementary sectors and even to expand into hitherto unexpected areas is too enticing to miss.

sponsorshipLastly, a significant amount spent on purchases and proceeds, will trickle back into the community and thus improve the community from a grass-roots level. So, whether you are an exhibitor or a visitor, your presence will inadvertently benefit you and your community in the long run. So, whether you are looking for a fun, family-outing to enjoy the feeling of October and the Fall season, or are an up-coming enterprise wishing to have more exposure within the community, Taste of Tamarac has been proven to be all that and more.  See you there!

Broward Health

City of Tamarac

chef mika

Chef Shermika Lyons "Chef Mika"

Chef Shermika Lyons known to all her students as "Chef Mika" is a native Floridian from Miami. Chef Mika enjoys cooking and teaching so much that she left behind a career in law to pursue her love and passion for cooking. Chef Mika graduated from the International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a Bachelor Degree in Culinary Management. She enjoys preparing all types of cuisines from Floribbean to European, and invites her students to discover their “inner chef” when cooking and baking any delicious creation. Chef Mika is a certified Chef with the American Culinary Federation and is the newly elected President of the Broward Chapter of the organization. Chef Mika has been teaching at ARC Broward Learning Institute for the past 2 year and is the Lead Chef Instructor, she truly enjoys teaching culinary theories and concepts to her students in addition to preparing them to enter the culinary workforce via ARC Broward Learning Institute’s 16 week entry level Culinary Arts program. Chef Mika is a resident Chef in First Lady Michelle Obama’s Chefs move to schools healthy eating initiative and travels to many elementary schools in Broward County creating healthy eating presentations for school-age children, she especially loves making appearances at her daughter’s elementary school. In her spare time Chef Mika is also the owner and executive chef of Chef Mika’s, LLC; a full service catering company (www.chefmika.com). She was recently featured in “Go Riverwalk Magazine” as One of Fort Lauderdale’s Top Favorite Female Chefs!!


chef jones

Chef Michelle Jones "Chef Jones"

Chef Michelle Jones "Chef Jones" of City of Tamarac, Youth Recreation Cooking Program and Here's Help, Inc., Culinary Arts Program. Chef Jones has been involved in the culinary world for the past 20 years. She has always had a creative and imaginary side and decided to pursue a degree in Interior Design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. After receiving a degree in Interior Design, she decided to switch majors and pursue her passion for food with acquiring a Bachelors Degree in Culinary Arts & Management.This is where her love for food expresses itself through tasteful creations in the kitchen and through her imaginative dishes from varied cuisines.

Chef Jones has always had a heart for others and loves to give back to her community. She has made it one of her main priorities to support healthy eating habits catering especially to the younger generation. She supports Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" program, which is "America's Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids" and has been working with the Mayors of different South Florida cities for several years implementing a similar program called "Let's Jump".

She is constantly creating fun, healthy, easy recipes that she shares and teaches through summer camp cooking classes, as well as evening classes in the surrounding cities for young people so that they can enjoy a healthier and more productive lifestyle. Her addiction to this cause has led her to acquire sponsorship from some of the biggest companies in South Florida like the Jamaican food giant Grace Kennedy and the Spanish-American spice giant Badia.